Full Moon: Gemini

Debut fiction and an interview with an emerging author.

Full Moon: Gemini

Jude: I'm going to write it later. I'm going to transcribe it. But I would like you to tell me your story now. So that way I'll have it recorded for eternity.

Child: Well, bring the camera over here. I just want it to be more dramatic.

Jude: Okay.

Child (motioning to the back of a very high-backed sofa): I'm just going to be up there.

Jude: All right. Well, it's going to record your voice and not your face.

Child: Well, I just wanted to be dramatic. It's just so you can see.

Jude: Okay, all right. Careful, buddy.

Child: Jude! Get on the floor!

Jude: I have to hold the microphone up to your face, actually, so that it can hear you.

Child (whispering): Um. Is this being recorded?

Jude: Yeah.

Child (loudly): Once upon a time there was a unicorn who was in the dump and she needed to find her magic powers. So her parents sended her to unicorn school. And then, ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm..... She went far away to find the most magical horse. The End.

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