Full Moon Mixtape: Capricorn

A comprehensive list of the movies about which my husband has said, "hey, you should write a newsletter about this movie."

Full Moon Mixtape: Capricorn

Every once in a while, when trying to make me watch a movie, my husband will say "you should write a newsletter about this movie." These are those films.


If I say “time-traveling Bond movie starring Denzel Washington’s hot adult son and Robert Pattinson as his sassy boyfriend,” what do you imagine? Well, whatever that movie is, it isn’t Tenet, the lone movie which (roughly) fits that description. Nobody likes Tenet. Christopher Nolan made everyone go to the theater to see it, and made a big deal about how it was his masterpiece and totally worth getting COVID, and then people went, and it wasn’t worth dying, so they thought it sucked. Only two people on earth regard Tenet as the masterpiece it was intended to be: Christopher Nolan, director of Tenet, and the dude I’m married to, who loves it more than any movie he has ever seen. He watches Tenet once a week. He pops into my office to discuss subtleties of Tenet that he missed on previous viewings. Every time I don’t know what he’s up to, I go into the living room, and there he is, watching Tenet. Imagine Christopher Nolan, sad, alone, English, looking out his window at TERFs and rain and thinking “somewhere, there is a man who comprehends my vision! A man who wants a movie where things go forward and backward at the same time!” That man exists, and I married him. Am I Christopher Nolan from the future? That wouldn’t make sense, so probably yes.

The Fighter

This movie makes me want to found the Irish-American Anti-Defamation League.

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