Full Moon Mixtape: Aquarius

Replicants, aliens, and other weirdos.

Full Moon Mixtape: Aquarius

The moon is at its detriment in Aquarius. Of all the signs it moves through, this is where it has the least power. Having a moon in Aquarius (I’m told) renders the person in question remote, unapproachable, dominated by logic at the expense of feelings. It makes them interested in the abstract concepts of “humanity” and “community,” but terrible at dealing with individual human beings. It makes them cold and unemotional much of the time, but when emotions do happen, they arrive in the form of sudden, overwhelming blowups and meltdowns.

I have my moon in Aquarius. I also, probably, have autism — at least, doctors think it’s likely, and getting a formal diagnosis is so medically and legally risky that I don’t care to press the issue. The pop-culture caricature of autism looks a lot like the descriptions of a Moon in Aquarius: Cold, savant-ish, unemotional except for tantrums. Both are said to be bad things; abnormalities, defects, departures from the norm. Both put one in the condition of being anomalous, not-quite-human. You can be a genius, a robot, a time traveler, a creature from outer space, but you can’t ever be a person.

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